When a kid loses a dad as an infant or small child, fatherlessness is all they know. A child will grow not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. And as they mature, their perspective and understanding of the loss experienced will also grow. 

God offers grace to children growing up without a dad. Processing loss by suicide adds layers to the grief process but is no match for God’s mercy, compassion, and healing.  

You will be encouraged to hear Evan talk about:

  • Grief in the middle school years
  • The impact of a mentor
  • Becoming a man without a dad
  • Encouragement for fatherless young men

Additional Resources:

Christmas Hope: A morning of Comfort and Joy for single and widow moms and their fatherless children.

The Impact of a Mentor with Evan Apon and Dave Inabnit

Thanksgiving and Dining at the King’s Table with Evan Apon

Mom, you are not alone! 

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