Mentoring plays a valuable role in the life of a fatherless young man. A young man needs to be challenged in ways beyond what a mom can offer. When a boy does not have an earthly dad, he needs a mentor who will make a practical, emotional, and spiritual investment in his life.

Although this important relationship will look different for everyone, the benefits are often the same – God uses men as His vessel for fathering. Affirmation, guidance, and prayer join together with hands-on teaching of skills men need to learn in life. Mentors help boys turn into men.

Today’s guests, Dave Inabnit and Evan Apon, discuss the following:

  • What mentoring looked like for them and its progression
  • Trusting God when entrusting our sons to mentors
  • The impact of mentorship on both the mentor and mentee
  • Encouragement for moms

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