Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, and yet when suffering, it is easy to ask the question, “why me?” When fatherlessness plays a role in this pain, it is encouraging to look to God’s Word for hope. Nestled in the Old Testament is the true story of a young, fatherless man who was granted the unmerited, honor of an invitation to dine regularly at the king’s table.

Not only is this a rich story, but it’s also a picture of God’s invitation to each of us. He wants us to experience Jesus, the bread of life, and regularly feast at His table.

Evan Apon beautifully tells the story of the gain only God can bring through father loss.

In this episode Evan talks about:

  • Mephibosheth, an unlikely guest at the King’s table.
  • King Jesus’ covenant of mercy, kindness, and hope.
  • Hope extended when asking “why me”?

Mom, you are not alone!

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