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The Apon Story

A look into the God story behind the Apon family and the start of Perspective Ministries.

the beginning

the kids

the funeral

Children are a gift

Bobby and Lori were married and settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where their philosophy to trust and obey came to the forefront, as God began to bless them with children. They trusted God at His Word, “Children are a gift of the Lord, happy is the man whose quiver is full,” and He filled their quiver with EIGHT precious children.

A New Chapter Begins

Sadly, on May 17, 1999 Bobby Apon made the choice to take his own life. The night before his death, Psalm 68:5 “I am a defender of the widow and Father to the fatherless” was quoted in the church service where Bobby was on staff as a worship leader. God’s Word spoke directly to Lori’s heart, giving her an important perspective. When the police officer knocked on her door to give the devastating news, this promise from God’s word became her anchor. In the midst of death’s knock, grace and peace gained entry, in a tangible way, into the Apon family’s lives. 

"You Have A New Daddy"

In Lori’s own words, “Grace and divine inspiration, directed and carried me as I gave this life-changing news to my children. With quivering confidence, I shared, ‘you have a new daddy.” Lori testifies that the peace that surpasses all understanding planted its seed deep into their hearts that day and she told her children, “Your daddy is gone—dead, but God will be your Father, because He promises to be a Father to the fatherless.” Lori says, “Immediately God moved into our lives, in His promised position, as a Father to the fatherless and Defender of the widow.”

Listen to The Apon Story

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