The poor choices of a dad do not determine the destiny of his children. With God as Father, their story can be one of blessing and hope. God declares Himself to be a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5), therefore, we must anticipate His “fathering” and encourage fatherless children to look for the ways that He cares for them as a Father.

In this episode, Christian Norman talks about

  • Practical ways God cared for him as a Father
  • Breaking the fatherless curse over the next generation
  • Challenge for fatherless boys to take ownership of their spirituality
  • Encouragement for single mothers

Christian Norman was a former defensive captain for the Michigan State University football team and currently serves as an associate pastor at FBCW teaching and implementing disciple-making strategies for the staff and the leaders there. He is passionate about leading men and women to know Jesus Christ. He’s married to Kayla, who was also raised by a single mom, and they have three precious children. 

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