God will often use mentors as a vessel for His fathering. One of the most important investments a single mom can make in the life of her children, especially her sons, is providing a mentor. A man who will come alongside to help navigate the path of a boy from childhood to manhood, from teaching simple skills of a handshake to pursuing a wife, and everything in between. 

Single moms will need to release a lot of their preconceived ideas of what family looks like and consider that it will take a village to help raise their children. A fatherless child is not likely to stay on the right path without the strong support of somebody guiding them along the way.

Eric Helms is the founder of Driven to Encourage Ministries and the Territory Servant Leader for Atlanta Metro, traveling to many locations to share the Gospel. He does this through a variety of topics, including his own radical testimony. He wants others to understand how much the Savior loves them, desires personal relationships with them, and how Jesus wants us to be obedient to Him. Eric and his wife, Michele, live in north Georgia.

Brandon Apon, the oldest son of Lori, graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Business Marketing. While playing for their football team, Brandon earned team captain honors, a full scholarship, and was named a Hammer Strength All-American as well as 1st Team All-State and All-Conference. It was also at Liberty where Brandon met his wife, Brittany. They moved to Atlanta after graduation and have enjoyed building both a family and a career. Brandon is the General Manager of Mall of Georgia Mazda in Buford, GA, and is the father of two sons.

In this episode, Eric and Brandon discuss the following:

  • What the mentoring interaction looked like 
  • Accountability for mother and child
  • The eternal impact of a mentor
  • The sustaining grace of God for a long-term mentoring commitment

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Mom, you are not alone!