Prayer of Blessing from Mother to Son

Dear God,

Thank you for my son! You know everything about him and created him for a specific purpose written before time began. And, you have given me the great gift of raising this young man.

I respect the following in him: (For example, he is a leader, kind, gentle, a hard worker, etc.)

Thank you for the promise that you are a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). I pray that he will look to you in this way!

I pray that _________ will embrace you as Father. Give him emotional, physical, and spiritual protection. Help him to trust you as his refuge and strength. When Satan comes to sift him, may he run to you, stand strong, and then turn back to strengthen others.

Please bring mentors into his life to invest in him. Please give him godly friends. Please comfort him in the deepest places of his heart when he misses his dad.

Lord, restore his soul. I pray this season of suffering will be used as a chisel to shape him into the man you desire him to be. May he be a victor and not a victim. Lead him to fill the void of absence of dad with your presence and not the empty substitutes of this world.

May _________ be a man of purity and integrity and may he fear you. Please give him wisdom and lead him to obey you in making good life choices. When the enemy plants his lies of deception, remind him of the truth. May _________ have boldness and courage to stand strong against the schemes of the enemy.

I pray _________ will have his needs met and have a heart of gratefulness. As you bless him with resources, lead him to be generous. May you give _________ the desires in his heart.

Give _________ a hunger for your word, knowing it is a lamp and light for our path in life. Make yourself known to him in a real and personal way, not only as father but as savior.

I pray this blessing on _________.

  • Bless my son with the strength and courage to look to you as father.
  • Bless my son with faith.
  • Bless my son with healing from the grief.
  • Bless my son with purity in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Bless my son with friends, mentors, and healthy relationships.
  • Bless my son with a godly wife when that time comes.
  • Bless my son with favor with God and man.
  • Bless our relationship. It is one of the greatest gifts you have given us.

Thank you for the promise of abundant life. In Jesus’ name, amen.