There are over 100 names for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible. Each name describes His character and gives believers encouragement. When we think of the names of God at Christmas, four titles for the Messiah from Isaian 9:6 give us hope: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. 

At some point in all our lives we will need counsel, leading us to Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor! 

In this episode, Lori talks about:

  • Considerations when looking for a counselor
  • Who to go to for counsel
  • Scripture on seeking God for counsel
  • Knowing God as our Wonderful Counselor

When children need counsel, moms should not discount the value of her own counsel in the lives of her children. God has entrusted them to you and He will shepherd you as you shepherd them.

Other Resources

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Christ, Our Wonderful Counselor Sermon by Pastor Ben Whittinghill, Rivertown Church

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