Will my Children be Okay?

Our blog article planned today was written months ago, yet with the current crisis impacting the world, these truths are important to consider today. You may be thinking, I’ve had my own personal crisis and now a pandemic! Once again, let’s look to God’s Word for some much needed perspective. Widows have gone before us in similar times of crisis and pandemic, experiencing hope and proving that God is faithful not only to us but to our children.

For example:

  • The widow in Luke 7 was marching along in the funeral procession for her only son when Jesus touched the casket bringing life back from death!
  • The Widow of Zarephath watched God reverse her circumstances from expectant death to extended provision. Not only that, but her son was later resurrected from physical death to live again.
  • The widow in 2 Kings who had a great debt stepped out in faith asking neighbors to share their jars. After pulling her sons into private intercession she came forth with a testimony of the miraculous. God’s provision matched her faith.

What will your story be? Will you put your faith in God to care for your children?

Precious Mom,

Your world has been turned upside down and perhaps your greatest fears are now a reality. Dreams, no doubt, have been crushed while you live through this nightmare. Many questions flood your soul, “will my kids be okay” is one you ask often! I have good news for you, mom, with God as Father, the Creator of all things—your children will be more than okay!

Oh how I understand the longing for a father with skin on—a dad who can toss the ball or have that important conversation. To have a man in the house that provides security and accountability. There were days when I asked God, “what were you thinking?” rather than welcoming His mysterious sovereignty. Mom, I know this will be hard to hear now, but your perspective on this tragedy is crucial in pointing them to Jesus Every. Single. Day. And, as you already know, there will be a daily opportunity to redirect the focus from earthly dad to Heavenly Father. Your children will not be able to avoid reality of loss of dad, so feel these moments with them and then remind them of the hope they have in the promises of God.

When the enemy whispers a lie or a statistic ensures your defeat, hold onto God’s promises as your anchor and defense. What Satan meant for evil, God will use for good (Genesis 50:20).

From Man’s View to God’s Perspective & Promise

Man’s view: 43% of children in the US live without their father.

God’s Perspective and Promise:

“Do not move the ancient boundary or go into the fields of the fatherless, for their Redeemer is strong; He will plead their case against you.” Proverbs 23:10

Man’s View: Fatherless children are more likely to drop out of school.

God’s Perspective and Promise:

“You are a helper of the fatherless.” Psalm 146:9

“He relieves the fatherless and the widow.” Psalm 10:14

Man’s View: Fatherless children are more likely to end up in jail.

God’s Perspective and Promise:

“Leave your fatherless children, I will keep them alive. Your widows too can depend on me.” Jeremiah 49:11

Man’s View: Fatherless children may develop behavioral issues.

God’s Perspective and Promise:

“For in you the fatherless find compassion.” Hosea 14:3

Man’s View: Fatherless children are often bullied or made to feel inferior.

God’s Perspective and Promise:

“You shall not inflict any widow or orphan. If you inflict him at all, and if he cries to me, I will surely hear his cry.” Exodus 22:22-23

Man’s View: Fatherless families may feel abandoned and left alone.

God’s Perspective and Promise:

“A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows is God in His holy habitation.” Psalm 68:5

Mom, you won’t always keep the perfect perspective for yourself or your kids, but rest in knowing that God sees you and your family, He cares, and He has promised your family specifically that He WILL be your protector. On the hardest days, in the darkest moments, look to Him and you will be given the provision and help you need. You are not alone!