The ministry of WidowLife

A woman who has suffered the loss of a husband by death, divorce, or desertion is defined as a widow. She has been left alone, bereft. And, I have yet to meet a woman who likes the name widow. Nor have I found any woman who initially desires to be in this season of life.

Every widow refers to widowhood as joining a community she did not want to be part of.

It is the passion of Perspective Ministries to walk in when others walk out. People who initially offer help to the widow don’t intend to drift away; however, over time this often happens. Perspective Ministries is intentional to remind her that with God, she has not been left alone. In fact, He calls himself her defender and Father to her fatherless children (Psalm 68:5). This is good news and an anchor to hold onto during the tumultuous journey through the valley of the shadow of death.

WidowLife, a program started by Perspective Ministries, assists women in their new life as a widow by meeting their practical, emotional, and spiritual needs in the following ways:

WidowLife Support Groups offer encouragement from God’s Word and  from widow to widow. A listening ear and place of understanding validates their pain and provides a safe place for them to grieve, ask questions, and share their hearts and tears.

WidowLife Workshops help equip churches to care for widows by offering important principles of care. An overview of the WidowLife Guide for the church is presented along with helpful insights on the grief process and best care practices for the many different types of widows.

WidowLife Wisdom is a monthly resource providing guidance on how to practically care for the widow during the different seasons of the year. Suggestions are given for serving the widow in ways that are truly meaningful to her.

We are here for the widows, the volunteers, and the church leaders – to answer questions and provide coaching along the way.

Together we can make a difference and bring light to the widow’s life.