You’ve never raised fatherless kids before, so to start, let me tell you something I’m sure you have heard before — you’re not going to wrap this up in a box with a pretty bow. You’re on a journey and every mama’s experience will be different.

Today, we’re talking about the processing of grief and carrying grief for our children. In the early days, months, and years, a mom will grieve for her children no matter their age. She has a perspective and a view that is much different from kids. She can see and understand the depth of that loss in a greater way. And as time goes on she will then process the grief with her children.

It is important to put in the suitcase of their hearts only what they can handle. There are three stages of helping our kids with grief that I cover in today’s show, carrying grief, sharing grief, and making grief their own.

Each part is hard and each part is beautiful. I pray today that you will be able to rest in what God is doing in your life and the lives of your children.

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