Rejection, abandonment, abuse, betrayal, divorce, and desertion often open the door for the enemy to come in with his lies, saying we are a terrible mom and our children will not be okay. As a single mom, navigating the winding path of an inconsistent dad is not easy, but God is with you during your times of isolation, loneliness, and pain and His word offers wisdom, guidance, and hope.

In this episode, Michelle talks about

  • Balancing life with all of its emotions and challenges
  • Guiding children through the complicated versions of fatherlessness (seeing dad every other weekend but not experiencing his fathering in their home)
  • Trusting God as Husband and Father to our fatherless kids
  • The path to freedom from the enemy‚Äôs lies

Michelle Donelly is the president and CEO of Plus One Parents, a ministry devoted to helping single parents. She is a mother of three, an author, and the host of the Truth and our Trauma podcast. 

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