The absence of an earthly dad is caused by a variety of reasons: death, divorce, desertion, and even when a dad is disengaged from his children. He may be in the home but not involved in the lives of his kids, causing them to feel that they are fatherless.

In this episode, Chad Wallen discusses the following:

  • The pain of a disengaged dad and finding healing through giving grace
  • Directing the distorted views of an earthly dad to God the Father
  • Insights on raising children with a disinterested dad
  • How to break the generational curse of the distracted dad

Chad is the founder and director of Advance Camp USA, a ministry that serves fatherless young men. He lives in Texas with his wife and three daughters. They have had the privilege of being foster parents to 14 additional kiddos over the past 9 years. He leads his family to love and serve those God brings to them and is passionate about changing the trajectory of the lives of fatherless young men.

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