The ache of missing a dad to watch a son play sports, guide him through life’s difficulties, or get down on his knees to pray together is a tender spot for all fatherless men. Healing will come when humility is exercised and he is able to trust God, looking to Him as the perfect Father.

Boyd Bailey shares his experience with the pain of missing a dad and his journey of healing by serving, loving, and giving others what he did not have. 

In this episode, Boyd discusses:

  • The impact of empathy and timely questions
  • Humility as the launching pad for forgiveness
  • The necessity of community for growth and healing 
  • The long road to healing

Boyd Bailey is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, a ministry that helps more than 100,000 readers connect with Christ every day. He is also co-founder of Ministry Ventures, which coaches faith-based nonprofits in board development, administration, and fundraising. He and his wife live in Georgia and enjoy missions and investing in young couples, as well as hiking, reading, traveling, and hanging out with their kids and grandchildren. 

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