Losing one parent is a huge loss, but the death of both parents, leaving a child orphaned, is unimaginable. 

In this episode, Pat Reynolds shares her story of becoming an orphan when her parents were killed in a large air disaster. 

In this episode, Pat shares

  • Her story of God’s grace in the midst of tragedy
  • The long pursuit of God
  • Obedience, forgiveness, and releasing bitterness
  • Encouragement for moms raising children without an earthly dad
  • Truth for the fatherless

Pat has taught pre-K and kindergarten for 49 years and is one of the founding teachers at Redeemer Day School located at the Church of Apostles in Buckhead, Atlanta. She is quick to say she is the richest woman that she knows and that is not counting the money in her purse. The story of the historic air tragedy can be read here.

Mom, you are not alone! 

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