This is such a special episode because it’s the first birthday of the Help! I’m Raising Fatherless Kids podcast! Moms, thank you for taking the time to listen when you have so much demanding your attention. 

One of the most important celebrations that I had with my children was the “Blessing Party” at the beginning of their teenage season. This is a time to guide your child in putting away childish things and transitioning them to adulthood. 

In this episode, Lori discusses the following:

  • What is a “Blessing Party”
  • The specific steps in planning one
  • What to include in a letter of blessing

Other resources:

 The Blessing by John Trent, Gary Smalley, and Kari Trent Stageberg

The letter of blessing that was written and then spoken over my child at the Blessing Party included some of the following:

  • A scripture verse God has used in a great way in their life
  • A brief personal testimony of how God walked them through the teenage season and how that could encourage them
  • A challenge, encouragement, or counsel            
  • A promise of God
  • A special memory I shared with my child 

Mom, you are not alone! 

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