There are many conversations that moms must have with their fatherless children including talking about purity, pornography, and the enemy’s plan to work against our children and moms in this area. Even though these conversations might be awkward they should not be avoided. God created us as sexual beings therefore we must teach our children about the gift of sex with its delights and dangers.

Dr. Joe Rigney, the author of the book More than a Battle, joins us today to provide wisdom and practical guidance for moms as she navigates this territory with their sons. 

In this episode Dr. Joe Rigney provides helpful insights including the following:

  • Laying a good foundation for age-appropriate discussions on purity and sex
  • Timing for a mom and son to talk about pornography
  • Guardrails Mom should have in place to protect her sons from accidental exposure
  • The importance of mentors
  • How a mom should respond when her son stumbles onto pornography

Helpful Resources 

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Dr. Joe Rigney served as the President and Professor of Theology and Literature at Bethlehem College and Seminary. He is also the pastor at City Church in St. Paul, MN, and serves as a teacher at Desiring God. 

Mom, you are not alone! 

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