Suicide Awareness Week is September 4-10, 2022, and so it is fitting to have Krissie Garland share her story.

Krissie Garland, the author of the book Open Letters to our Fellow Fighters, shares transparently how God has been walking her through the journey of losing her husband to suicide. She helps widows know that they didn’t fail their husbands or children because they could not fix their problems.

We discuss several hard topics with transparency, ones the church often does not know how to handle:

  • Grieving loss by suicide
  • How to grow Awareness of the enemy’s lies and tactics
  • Handling guilt and shame in the aftermath of suicide
  • Help for moms who experienced loss by suicide

If you are interested in Solace for Suicide, please email [email protected] and put “Suicide” in the subject line.

Dear Mama, please know that you are not alone!

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