Everyone enjoys a good love story! And every fatherless girl anticipates her wedding day with a big question tucked inside her heart, “Who will walk me down the aisle?”

Abi Fasciano kicks off a mini-series with Lori Apon’s four fatherless daughters sharing their stories of anticipating their wedding day, meeting their husbands, and who walked them down the aisle. Each one testified God was there, even though daddy was not.

Diane Tuttle joins the conversation by sharing her involvement when she responded to God’s invitation to plan their weddings.

In this episode Abi shares:

  • Her “man book” of prayers and letters to her future husband
  • Meeting her husband, Nick Fasciano
  • Planning her wedding
  • Who walked her down the aisle
  • Encouragement for fatherless girls and their moms

Scripture: The Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13)

The Manbook by Abi Fasciano

Fatherless Fathers with Christ Tuttle

The Bride

By:  Abigail Apon

A young girl gently smoothes her dress.

A prayer to God she does confess.

And taking up her flowers red

she goes to meet him for more, or less.

Her father gone and dead,

never kept the promise he said.

She swiftly brushes away a tear

and makes ready to leave the life she led.

Then, tucking stray hair behind her ear,

a new problem does appear.

Who will walk her down the aisle?

Then a little voice she does hear.

God will walk her down the aisle.

He will walk her down the aisle.

Forever and ever down the aisle.

He’ll walk her down the aisle.

Then gingerly she holds her dress

and with both hands, cradles her flowers red.

Hopefully expecting the best,

she waits for words to be said.

Then joyfully the song is played.

The doors open to let her in,

And the little girl she once portrayed

waits for a new life to begin.

A young man awaits her at the front

smiling, yet shy.

She smiles at her love, there at the front,

but inside wants to cry.

The white veil hides her waiting face.

She’s nervous as a bird.

She thinks of God’s Amazing Grace,

and thinks of something she once heard.

God will walk her down the aisle.

God will walk her down the aisle,

and guide her with His loving care.

The veil is removed from her face.

She smiles an honest smile.

Covered in white, dainty lace,

God had walked her down the aisle.

The whole time she was standing there,

Her Father never left her side.

His everlasting care.

His presence did not hide.

Then her Father put her hands in His.

His hands so scarred and bruised.

The cross that stood in the crowd amiss.

The rusty nail they used.

Then, wrapping His arm around her shaking one,

He led her back up the aisle.

She was wrapped in the arms of the Son.

His smile shone for miles.

Then He ever carefully, gently,

truly asked her to be the bride of Christ.

Then softly whispered in her ear “come follow me”

She was the bride of Christ.

Mom, you are not alone!

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