How to Light Her World during the month of October

Perspective Ministries exists to direct the focus of the widow and fatherless to Almighty God and to equip the church to do the same. His perspective matters. While God may allow us to experience pain and suffering, He uses the body of Christ to lighten the load.

Practical ways you can help a widow during the month of October to Light Her World

As the season starts to change, help them to prepare their hearts for changing traditions and tender emotions

Acts of Service / blessing opportunities:

  • Lawn care – prune bushes / rake leaves
  • Assist with home repairs – Change light bulbs and batteries in smoke detectors

Gifts: The season changes bringing the need for warmth

  • Warm home / cars – Winterize home / car: change filters, maintenance on heater
  • Warm Clothes – Assist with sorting seasonal clothes and purchasing coats, shoes, etc.