Mission Statement

Meeting the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the widow and fatherless encouraging them to put their trust in God.

“A Father to the fatherless, a defender of the widows, is God in His holy dwelling,” became an anchor for the Apon family upon the tragic death of Bobby Apon, Lori’s husband and father of their 8 children. God’s promise in Psalm 68:5 shaped their perspective in the midst of tragedy. His faithfulness was on full display as their community and church ministered with overwhelming compassion and love!

20 years later, Lori Apon, founder and Executive Director of Perspective Ministries, passionately shares her experience as a widow with others, leading them to discover that God delights in fulfilling all His promises to those who no longer have a husband or father. Through helpful resources, support groups, and the ground-breaking help tool (coming soon) Perspective Ministries meets widows in their time of need while also helping communities and churches care for the widow and her fatherless children in ways that are meaningful to them.

Pillars of Grace

A look into the God story behind the
Apon family and the start of Perspective Ministries.

Did you know?

There are over 11 million widowed women in the US (21,000 of them live in Metro Atlanta)

75% of the average widow’s support base will disappear by the end of the first year

43% of children in the US live without a father in the home.

Our Story

Bobby and Lori were married and settled in Atlanta, Georgia. Immediately, their philosophy to trust and obey came to the forefront as God began to bless them with children. Each time, they chose to trust God at His Word, “Children are a gift of the Lord, happy is the man whose quiver is full.” In fact, as they trusted, God filled their quiver with EIGHT precious children.

Sadly, on May 17, 1999 Bobby Apon made the choice to take his own life.  The night before his death, Psalm 68:5 “I am a defender of the widow and Father to the fatherless” was quoted in the church service where Bobby was on staff as the worship leader. God’s Word spoke directly to her heart giving her important perspective.  The very next day when the police officer knocked on her door to give the devastating news, this new outlook became her lifeline. But in the midst of death’s knock, grace and peace gained entry into entering the Apon family’s lives in a tangible way.  Lori says, “Grace and divine inspiration directed and carried me as I gave this life changing news to my children. With quivering confidence, I shared, ‘you have a new daddy.’” According to Lori, the peace that surpasses all understanding planted its seed deep into their hearts that day.  “Your daddy is gone—dead, but God will be your Father because He promises to be a Father to the fatherless,” said the grieving mom.  “Immediately God moved into our lives in promised position, as ‘Father to the fatherless and Husband to the widow.’”


Studying and teaching God’s Word is one of Lori’s greatest joys.  She has taught women’s Sunday School (including widows) at FBC Woodstock for eleven years. As Lori’s nest emptied, the passion for widow ministry continued to grow to the point that it became evident it was time to step out in faith pursuing the call of God to spend this next season of her life caring for the widow and fatherless in the way the Lord has cared for her.  With twenty years of experience living the “widow life,” Lori is able to comfort where she has been comforted as well as assist others in compassionately caring for the widow in meaningful ways.  Lori’s desire is to encourage others to direct their focus to God as Husband and Father, knowing that often this takes T.I.M.E. = Trusting In the Mystery of Eternity. 

Through suffering, she has been given a platform to share how God wants to work powerfully in difficult situations.  Her positive outlook comes from God and is contagious as the Holy Spirit works through her to encourage and challenge many women.  She invites all to accept the difficult events in their lives as God working — for their good and His glory.

The Apon Story – Life After Death

Bobby Apon