What is a WidowLife Caregiver? 

A WidowLife Caregiver is a widow who has been trained with the Stephen Ministries curriculum to give Christian care, comfort, and understanding to another widow as she walks through the valley of the shadow of death providing the following:

  • Widow-to-widow: Each WidowLife Caregiver is matched with one widow who desires to receive care on a consistent basis. The two widows meet in person (if possible), typically twice a month for about an hour, in a setting they have both agreed on. The caring relationship will be brought to closure when the need for care has been addressed. 
  • Lay: WidowLife Caregivers are well-trained, supervised volunteers who provide a high level of care. Their role is different from that of a counselor, therapist, pastor, or physician. They are not licensed professionals.
  • Christian: A WidowLife Caregiver’s care is an expression of Christ’s love and an extension of Perspective Ministries. When it comes to spiritual matters, WidowLife Caregivers meet their widowed care receivers where they are, helping them work through challenges without pressuring them or forcing faith on them. 
  • Care: WidowLife Caregivers care by listening, supporting, praying, and helping their widowed care receivers explore feelings without being judgmental while offering emotional and spiritual support. Their role does not include providing other types of assistance—such as shopping, transportation, childcare, and other such types of help—although at times they may help care receivers identify ways to fill those needs. 

Confidentiality A WidowLife Caregiver maintains confidentiality about the widow’s identity and personal information, as well as the content of their conversations. You can feel free to share openly with your WidowLife Caregiver, knowing she won’t tell others about the details of your situation or your caring visits.

Consultation To ensure a care receiver is getting the type and level of care she needs, a WidowLife Caregiver occasionally may need to consult with Perspective Ministries, or a pastor, who then might consult with a professional caregiver. In some instances, providing the best care may involve connecting the care receiver to a professional caregiver able to meet the care receiver’s needs. If so, Perspective Ministries or pastor will help the care receiver make that connection. The caring relationship with the WidowLife Caregiver might continue after that referral, but only after the professional has met with the care receiver and given permission for the WidowLife caring relationship to proceed. At the heart of a WidowLife Caregiver’s care is a dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the care receiver and others. 

If you are interested in a personal WidowLife Caregiver, please click here to apply. We will pray over your application and do our best to connect you with a WidowLife Caregiver.