Why Perspective Ministries?

Psalm 68:5 was quoted the night before our lives were forever changed,

“A Defender of the widow and father to the fatherless is God in His holy habitation” (NIV).

I remember thinking this was a great encouragement for all of those women out there who didn’t have a husband and for children who didn’t have a dad. 

Yet this hope planted its seed deep within my heart.

When the police officer knocked on my door with the news that my husband had taken his own life, the promise that God was my Defender and would be a Father to my children was the anchor we would hold onto forever.

Turning our focus to God became the only perspective that mattered. 

Perspective Ministries seeks to share that same perspective of hope with widows and fatherless. And, we know it makes a world of difference!

“You inspired me to shift my perspective from mine to God’s.” -Betty

 “The Lord changed my thinking. I realized that the Lord did not want me walking down this path alone. Perspective Ministries has been a guiding light, a shoulder to lean on, and a place for rest.” -Jen

“I thank God for putting this ministry in my path. I had not been able to grieve the loss of my husband after six years. But God is faithful with the reminder that Jesus is my husband, that’s powerful.” -Diane