Prayer for Widow-Moms and the Fatherless as they Go Back to School


I come to you right now and I lift up the precious moms who are sending their kids off to school this week. 

They’re exhausted in every way, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. School is not easy, Lord, when there’s not a dad in the home, there’s not a dad cheering on the mom, so I’m cheering her on and I know you’re cheering her on. 

Father, I pray for the mom as school begins that you would put teachers and coaches, even other moms in her life that can help do this with her. I pray that you would give her wisdom on what is the best school situation for her children. Do you want them to go to private school? If that’s where she feels they need to be, then I ask you to provide the money to pay for that. If she has a desire to home-educate her children, show her how she can do that. If public school is the option, and that’s where you’re leading her, then I pray for your grace to be over her children.

I pray, Father, that you would give these moms exactly what they need for this school year. If they’re new in grief, hold them close, Lord, let her be easy on herself. Let her know that this is not going to be a wasted year. It’s going to be a great year of growth. It’s going to be hard, and suffering is not easy, but you are there. You promise that you’re the helper of the widow and fatherless. And so, you are teaching our children, Father. You’re teaching these moms and you are there with them. 

And I pray for the fatherless children represented here, Lord, thousands of kids going to school without a dad, some for the first time. They don’t want to be that different kid; they don’t want to be fatherless. They want to be like everyone else. I pray for these precious boys and girls. Lord, I pray that you would give each one a friend, a godly friend, a friend that’s making wise choices. A friend that they enjoy, Lord, give these kids friends.

I also pray for each child that you would put teachers in their lives who show compassion and who are sensitive to their needs. When they don’t understand the assignment, would they take extra time to help them. Lord, we know that you use coaches to make an eternal difference in the life of a child. So, bring coaches along, Lord, that would turn into mentors for these fatherless kids. Give these moms other couples that will help cheer their children on too, Lord, and I pray Father, that you would let them know that you are there. You’re there, and you are able to do what seems impossible for us, Lord.

Thank you for hearing our cries. Thank you for blessing these moms. Thank you that you promised to be a Father to the fatherless 

 In Jesus’ name, Amen.