Prayer for the Widow with Questions


There are so many things we desire to know and understand in this life. Death brings about many questions without answers. 

You are a mysterious God and have taught us that walking by faith means there is no sight. For those widows wrestling with answers to questions they have regarding the death of their loved one, circumstances surrounding his passing, or the unknown of the future, please hold them close. 

Wrestling is good because it works out our salvation, secures our convictions, and grows our intimate relationship with you. 

For the widowed mom with questions for her children, the journey takes TIME – Trusting in the Mystery of Eternity. Give her grace to encourage her children to walk by faith and not sight as she does the same. 

I pray for protection over widows during this time of grief. Send comforters to speak truth in love to them. I pray they will look to your word for wisdom and counsel. Most of all I pray your Holy Spirit will allow them to rest in your sovereignty. Let her trust in your attributes, character, and  who you are — good, kind, loving, merciful, and forgiving. Your ways are higher than ours. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.