Prayer for the Widow Who Experienced Trauma

Dear Lord,

I know you are close to the broken-hearted. Today, I ask that you would be close to the widow whose life has been shattered because of the traumatic loss of her husband. Father, I pray for the widow who was not able to say goodbye (or who had to say goodbye too quickly or unexpectedly) to her best friend. Please comfort her in ways that only you can. 

Protect her from the “what ifs” and the instant replays that might be going through her mind. Protect her mind and body from the trauma that PTSD can cause. Fill her with security in your scripture and confidence that you will lead her (and her kids) through the valley of the shadow of death. When nothing makes sense, reassure her you are still holding the world together. 

Lord, please connect her with people to walk this road alongside her and provide her with wise counsel as she tries to make sense of her loss. When her flesh and her heart fail, remind her that you are her strength and portion forever (Psalm 73:26). 

In Jesus’ name,