Prayer for the Widow in the Public Eye

Dear Lord,

Oh, how death stings! It hurts to be separated from the one we love. You know how it feels. I come to you today lifting up the widow whose story has captured the attention of many outside of her inner circle. Perhaps her husband was a leader in the community well-known by many. Or maybe he was murdered with the story making national news.

Immediately, her every day private life has been catapulted into a fishbowl where everyone is watching, talking, gasping, and groaning over the circumstances. People will convey well-meaning sentiments with empty promises. Others will come to her side—people she doesn’t even know.

Her life will never be the same again. She is overwhelmed that her normal is now chaos. 

This is what happens when someone dies. But at the end of the day no matter how many have joined in her suffering, she will crawl into bed alone with hot tears falling on her pillow. No doubt, she is already starting to feel numb as the grief fog descends. Her questions don’t have answers. She will walk through the valley of the shadow of death and needs to know that you are there.

You promise to never leave or forsake her. You are a good God no matter what our perception of good is. Thank you that you are able to turn what was meant for evil for good.

Would you please protect her? Please send comforters who know how to comfort. Bring the support that she needs, not only for today, but for the long journey ahead. The early days will be filled with taking care of business, so please send trustworthy people to help her with this part of the process.

When she emerges from the shock and feels the pain, let her feel your embrace. 

May the truth that you are sovereign and in complete control be a comfort to her. If there was an offender involved with his death, pour your forgiveness through her. Keep her from the enemy’s scheme to continue to kill, steal, and destroy her through bitterness. Again, thank you that you are able to turn what was meant for evil for good.

I pray this precious woman who has been left alone will put her trust in you.

In Jesus’ Name,