Practical Ways To Help In October

As the holidays approach, WidowLife offers practical ideas to care for widows during the month of October.

  • Adopt a widow – Choose to be a “widow’s friend” (Care by a couple is always nice.  The wife can keep in touch with the widow listening for any needs she may have while her husband can offer his handy-man skills around the house to meet these needs) ask her for a list of repairs / needs that you could assist with
  • Give your skills and services to help maintain the widow’s home, auto, and lawn care once a month or at least four times a year.
  • Check on her with specific ways you can serve.
  • Plan with them the upcoming months – changing traditions may bring tender emotions.  Be intentional about helping them think through potentially difficult weeks and days.

Fall is in the air during October.

The season change brings need for warmth:  Consider the following ways to warm their hearts by warming their homes, cars, and meeting physical needs:

  • Provide warm clothes.
    • Help a widowed mom sort through the children’s clothing making a list of needs to purchase.
    • Provide hats, gloves and coats
  • Provide a warm home and car by helping to winterize these by changing filters, maintenance on furnace, or supply firewood.
  • Provide Lawn Care:  prune bushes / rake leaves