This is Part 4 of our series Reflections on Motherhood. The role of a mom is often underappreciated but it’s important to know that God is using you even when you don’t see it. Fruit will come from the unseen years. God is working in a beautiful way as you walk obediently with Him.

Having a community of moms who have gone before us, walk beside us, and will follow behind us is crucial, especially when that community helps us find strength in the promises of God. Conversations like today’s help us see the God, who tenderly cares for us as a mother cares for her child, and makes the seasons that feel impossible, more possible!  

With my guest Michele Helms, we will discuss:

  • Building a solid foundation of trust and communication during the early years of a child’s life
  • Understanding the unique bent and personality of our children
  • Responding to God’s prompting in parenting
  • Learning from our mistakes and regrets

Michele Helms is wife to her husband of 33 years, mother of five, and grandmother to three and counting. She loves being a mom and encouraging moms who are in the trenches. You can follow her on social @the.mama.michele. 

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Mom, you are not alone! 

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