Raising children has always included blessings, challenges, and lessons to be learned not only by the children but also by the mom. The experience of motherhood provides many opportunities to know God in ways we never knew Him, along with the gift of sanctification making us more like Him.

Although, as single moms we parent alone, God is with you. He sees you, Mom. He knows your struggles, challenges, and the uniqueness of your children. He will be faithful to you. Just as you delight in the presence of your children, God delights in you.

Kreig Teague is wife to her husband of 53 years, mother of five, and grandmother to 14. She believes the top priority of motherhood is to teach our children to know God and that He is absolutely crazy about them and wants the best for their lives. 

In this episode, a variety of topics on mothering are discussed, including:

  • The gift of sibling friendships
  • How to show love to children through encouragement
  • The power of believing in our kids 
  • Delighting in the presence of our children
  • The answer to depression

Other resources:

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Mother’s Helper: A Guide for Desperate Parents by Kreig Teague

Mom, you are not alone! 

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