As Mother’s Day approaches, we turned to seasoned mothers and grandmothers for their reflections on motherhood. In Part One we are joined by wife, mom, and grandmother, Suzanne Miller.”

God is not silent about mothering. It is interesting to note that even in the Book of Kings, God would often name the king and also his mother. And King Solomon talks of the value of a mother’s teaching in the book of Proverbs.

In this episode, the following will be discussed:

  • The top priorities of motherhood 
  • Practical ways to show love to your children
  • Training tools for building a solid foundation in the life of a child

Suzanne Miller is wife to her husband of 51 years, mother of 7, and grandmother to 13. She has a passion to pass on what was passed to her, namely a love for God and His Word, encouragement, and teaching it to those in the trenches of motherhood.

Mom, you are not alone! 

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