The beautiful thing about toddlers and little ones is they package grief in a way that we all want to –  really quickly. A toddler’s ability to understand loss will increase as they grow, but in the beginning, they are unable to truly grieve. Toddlers will grieve, but they don’t grieve in the same way that older children and that adults grieve. Moms will grieve that loss for them, and eventually with them. In a lot of ways, a toddler’s slow processing of grief is a gift allowing the mom to focus on her own grief. 

In this open conversation Lori and her daughter candidly talk about the following:

  • How to care for a grieving toddler
  • Insights from a fatherless toddler with an adult perspective
  • Important conversations to have with your child over the course of their life 
  • Questions toddlers ask after losing a loved one

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