We conclude the Father’s Day mini-series with an honest and hope-filled conversation with Chris Tuttle, a true “Trophy of Grace,” who has been fatherless for fifty years! Chris accepted Jesus into his life as Savior and Father at the age of 19 and from that time on, God began a work of deep healing. He believes that fatherlessness is a process – a lifelong journey that God will use for good.

Chris Tuttle’s story begins with the sting of a bitter divorce and desertion.

In this episode Chris discusses:

  • The impact of dormant grief
  • Struggling with fear of failure and people-pleasing and how God set him free.
  • How Chris learned to be a father without his dad as a role model
  • The importance of knowing our identity in Christ
  • An admonition to fatherless young men

Chris also defines the goal of manhood:

1. Reject Passivity

2. Accept Responsibility

3. Live Courageously

4. Wait on God’s Reward

5. Discipline children in love

6. Keep your focus on the family before yourself

Dear Mama, please know that you are not alone!

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