It is crucial to recognize fathers’ impact on their children’s lives. Positive affirmations from fathers can influence the trajectory of their children’s lives. Conversely, negative responses, disengagement, abandonment, or hurtful comments, whether intentional or unintentional, can cause deep emotional wounds that may persist for years. 

Many individuals grapple with the lingering pain of such “father wounds,” but it is possible to find healing and prevent these issues from perpetuating across future generations.

In this episode, Bob talks about:

  • Helpful tips for single moms raising children without a father
  • The definition of a father wound and how to overcome the pain of these emotional wounds
  • Principles on forgiveness with practical steps on how to forgive

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Bob Reccord has been a business executive and pastor, led numerous Christian organizations, and served as Executive Director of the Council for National Policy in Washington, DC. He is a popular speaker and has spoken to thousands of men nationwide. Most importantly, he has been married to his wife, Cheryl, for 52 years, is the father of three grown children, and the grandfather of five.

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