Imagine losing your mother to death, your father to abandonment, and feeling the absence of a disengaged adopted father—all before the age of three. “When you don’t have a family, you’ll find the family somewhere” is one of the lures of a gang offering “family.” The temptation for children without an earthly father is to believe the lie that they do not have a family when the opposite is true. Divine intervention with God as Father will give hope to the hopeless and bring light to the dark.

In today’s episode, we welcome Bob Reccord, who delves into:

  • The crucial role of a mother’s affirmation
  • The impact of speaking positively about an earthly father, despite his absence
  • The pivotal choice between seeing oneself as a victim or a victor

Join us for an inspiring conversation that explores how faith and resilience can overcome the most challenging beginnings.

Bob Reccord has been a business executive and pastor, led numerous Christian organizations, and served as Executive Director of the Council for National Policy in Washington, DC. He is a popular speaker and has spoken to thousands of men nationwide. Most importantly, he has been married to his wife, Cheryl, for 52 years, is the father of three grown children, and the grandfather of five.

Mom, you are not alone! 

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