Adoption is a part of God’s beautiful plan of redemption. Adopted children often wrestle with questions about their biological parents’ decisions, along with feelings of worthlessness, rejection, and abandonment. Despite adoption’s gift of life, the enemy may twist this narrative to sow seeds of death.

Steventhen Holland, a national pro-life speaker and founder of Broken, Not Dead Ministries, shares his story of hope and restoration built on the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In this episode, Steventhen talks about:

  • The trauma in learning he was adopted  
  • Releasing the “whys” to the wisdom of God
  • His desire to find his biological mom without hurting his adoptive parents
  • Practical help for adopted moms

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Other Resources:

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The Journey: Brokeness to Wholeness by Vickie Hodge Holt and Steventhen William Holland.

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