(Mini-series on Newborns and Grief, Part 3/3)

From the time he was a baby, Micah Apon navigated life without an earthly father. As the youngest of Lori’s eight children, Micah only knew his daddy through pictures and stories from his siblings and his mom. In this episode, Lori and Micah have a discussion about his experience growing up fatherless, and Micah shares practical tips for moms of fatherless kids.

Micah talks about:

  • Grieving the loss of a daddy he never knew
  • Building relationships with godly “dads”
  • Growing into grief
  • Navigating milestones without a dad
  • Learning to be a man
  • Preparing to be a husband and father without an example to follow
  • Realizing that God is his Father that’s proud of him

Today, Micah is enjoying life as a newlywed with his sweet wife, Haley. He works in sales and loves impacting those around him in his leadership role.

If you’re a mom of a fatherless boy, this episode will be enlightening and very encouraging. You might even consider having your son listen to Micah’s “Trophy of Grace” testimony.

Dear Mama, please know that you are not alone!

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