Episode 8 Newborns and Grief with Guests Brittany Brooker/Julie Thomason

(Mini-series on Newborns and Grief, Part 2/3)


The job of caring for little ones is exhausting, especially when you are in your own newborn stage of grief. You may feel that it is more than you can handle. If this is your season of life, you are in the right place!

Today’s guests, Brittany Price Brooker and Julie Thomason, are two beautiful young moms who definitely understand what it’s like to be a widow-mom in the midst of grief.

Julie Thomason (@spilledmilkmamma) became a widow recently when her amazing, young husband was tragically killed in a car accident, leaving her to raise her newborn and toddler. She shares candidly from the darkest part of the valley. Her hope now is to encourage and inspire others through using honesty, humor, grief truths, parenting tips, and more.

Brittany Price Brooker (@brittanypricebrooker) talks about suddenly becoming a young widow at the age of 25 with three small boys to raise. With her story of God’s faithfulness in deep grief, she encourages others walking through the pain. Now remarried, she and her husband, Daniel, the Brooker Bunch, are blending a family of six precious children, many of which have experienced great trauma in their young lives, as well. When Brittany isn’t at home being a chaos coordinator, she travels the country, speaking about motherhood, teaching on the word of God, grief, loss, and the hope we have in Jesus.

You will want to follow both of these moms on Instagram! They are engaging, tell the truth with understanding, and will come alongside you with stories of real-life in the valley.

In today’s episode they talk about:

  • The parallel between a newborn baby and newborn grief
  • The early days of newborn grief
  • The comfort of their newborns brought to them
  • And how their community of friends and family can be a great support system

Dear Mama, please know that you are not alone!

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