(Mini-series on Newborns and Grief, Part 1/3)  

Are you raising a newborn baby without a dad in their life? Are you in the early stages of your own personal grief? Then you will find hope and comfort in this episode.  

Having walked out her own grief, Lori has a unique understanding of how the first several months of the healing process is similar to pregnancy, birth, and the newborn stage. Like a first-time mom, you might not have a clue what to do with this grief.  

Lori is here to help by talking about: 

  • The basic needs of a mom in her newborn stage of grief (the first few months after loss)
  • Denial – God’s “grace coma”
  • The need for spiritual nourishment for the journey
  • Finding a promise of God that will allow you to grieve with hope
  • The importance of tears in the healing process and how precious they are to God
  • How the Holy Spirit prays for you when you can’t pray for yourself
  • Journaling to record the story of God’s faithfulness for your child to read later – even with the hard parts
  • Learning to embrace the pain to deliver your “newborn grief”
  • Knowing that, just as you hold, love, and comfort your child, God is holding you.

Lori includes a section with Scripture and prayer to wash over you and your newborn baby and a special song that was a great source of comfort and hope during her own stage of “newborn grief.” 

Dear Mama, please know that you are not alone!  

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“Rest My Child” by This Hope. Used with permission from the songwriter and This Hope, who released the song. 

“Because He Lives” by William Gaither (Piano Instrumental). Used with permission.