Lori shares her adventure of trusting God with their family size and He took them up on that blessing them with eight children in ten years. And then they were fatherless. People thought they were crazy and started rumors that they were having children “for religious purposes!” Lori agrees. Children are a gift from the Lord.

Have you ever been criticized for a decision you made that you knew God was calling you to make? Learning to trust God’s leading instead of man’s is something every parent must learn, especially for the inevitable valleys ahead!

It can be hard to raise kids in today’s world with so many skeptics and counter opinions! Lori felt the same way when she and her husband Bobby decided to have 8 kids.

In this special Mother’s Day episode, Lori shares the story of how the Lord blessed her uniquely with each of her eight children. You’ll learn how Lori and her husband began to trust God with their family size, and how they stood on their convictions and were comforted in the face of backlash. Lori also tells how the Lord prepared her heart to look to Him as the Father of her children, and how she taught her children to do the same.

Dear Mama, please know that you are not alone!

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