Friend, sister, widow,

I am so sorry for your great loss. I know what it is like to lie down at night with pillows piled on the other side of the bed so it won’t feel so big and empty without my husband by my side. I also know what it feels like to wake up in the morning hoping that I was just having a bad dream. I remember the many nightmares and sleepless nights…the endless phone calls and visits…the food that came pouring in and all the beautiful flowers…the people who helped with my children, who cleaned out my closets and drawers. I remember the myriad of unanswered questions that tore through my mind and the ache in my heart.

The days were dark, life was chaotic, and my circumstances were completely out of my control. But God comforted me, lavished His grace on me, and faithfully walked by my side through the valley of the shadow of death. Perspective Ministries is here to come alongside you in this journey with hope and God’s perspective to help meet your practical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our prayer is that God would hold you close as you transition from wife to widow.

Hope Gatherings are groups formed by widows for widows! These gatherings give women an outlet to share their stories and support each other in their grief journeys. They currently meet in Woodstock and Douglasville, Georgia.

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Hope Gathering is a community of widows finding hope and healing in Christ, encouraging one another in the journey, and seeking God’s purpose in our lives for this season.

HOPE: Healing – Obedience – Purpose – Encouragement

Encouragement for the road ahead!

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What Widows Are Saying

It was “Perspective” ministries that empowered me to get through the darkest time of my life with my eyes on Jesus. I learned that God was my Husband, and that He would literally care for me in a way that I had never seen. Perspective Ministries is much needed. This Ministry saved my life.”

Lori Salierno Maldonado
Widow, President and CEO of Celebrate Life International

I had and issue with my car insurance and had to use some of my Christmas money to go towards it. Don’t you know that Perspective Ministries’ check was for the exact amount that I needed!”


Perspective Ministries give so much love to so many hurting people. Thank you for being that light in the world. Matthew 5:16 is my favorite verse and you really live it!”