Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

We are excited that you have a passion and calling to care for the widow and fatherless in your church and community. You are embracing a ministry that is very dear to the heart of God. It is so important to the Lord that He promises to bless those who bless the widow in Deuteronomy 14:29.

Over the last 20 years, as I have walked the path of widowhood, I’ve seen that churches truly want to help the widow, but they just don’t know how. Widows have a variety of practical, emotional, and spiritual needs and without their husband by their side, they often lose their familiar network of resources and their community of friends. Perspective Ministries is here to help your widow’s ministry to direct the widow’s focus to God (1 Timothy 5:5).

WidowLife for churches equips churches to care for widows through a thriving widow’s ministry. If you would like more information about how to start a WidowLife ministry in your church please email us at or visit our speaker request page.

You can help!

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