A Prayer of Christmas Blessing for the Widow and Fatherless

At Christmas, it is only fitting to start a prayer of Christmas blessing by first saying, Happy Birthday, dear Jesus! Let’s stop and take a few minutes to savor the beauty of Christmas Jesus, Emmanuel—God with us! On this birthday, He really was God in the flesh, born to die so that we might live. 

With that in mind, we offer a prayer for the widow and fatherless at Christmas.

Dear God,

Thank you for the extravagant gift of Jesus, your son who came to die for our sins. Let us be mindful of this wondrous gift of grace that cost more than we could imagine. You understand the grief and suffering that come with the absence of the one we deeply love. The fragrance of death is not sweet, and the taste of sorrow is bitter. Although the reason for Your birth is not happy, You suffered for the joy set before You, enduring death on the cross so that we could have spiritual life. Let us never forget the wonder of this Christmas story.

I pray a special blessing for the widow today. The pain of missing her husband is more than she feels she can bear. The widow with children carries an extra ache in her heart not only for her grief but also for theirs. Oh, this is excruciating for each one of them. Please give the widow hope and the ability to put her trust in you—the one who is able to turn mourning into dancing and bring joy in the morning. This process takes time.

During the long days and season of silence, whisper Your love to her.

If she is physically alone today, please prompt someone to call or visit. If she is surrounded by friends and family, loneliness can still find its way into her heart, protect her from the lies of the enemy. Inject truth into the deepest parts of her soul, reminding her that You are there—Emmanuel God with her. I pray for the satisfaction and contentment that comes only from You.

Turn her heart towards the promises in Your Word. Give her the strength to believe, trust, and rely on you.

Let this precious one know that You are the God who sees, and that her pain has not gone unnoticed. You desire to satisfy her deepest needs. Comfort her in ways that only You can—hold her close. You are her Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. I pray she knows and encounters You in each of these ways.

Lord, counsel her in the way that she should go—let her hear Your voice. May she know that nothing is too difficult for you, Almighty God. The best gift that a mother raising fatherless children has is the powerful promise that You are a Father to the fatherless. And more than anything, I pray that You bring her to a saving, intimate relationship with You.

I pray this Christmas, she experiences a peace that surpasses all understanding that comes from You, the Prince of Peace.

In Jesus’ name, amen.