A Prayer for the Resurrection of Hearts from the Grave of Grief

Dear Lord, 

Thank you for sending your only Son to give His life to pay the price for the forgiveness of our sins. Thank you for the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave.

Thank you for this gift that you have freely given to us and for the relationship we can have through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your amazing grace!

Many widows are hurting today and need to understand the power of this gift. I pray that you would draw them to yourself. May they feel your comfort and embrace. They have been hurt, betrayed, rejected, and left alone leaving their hearts in the grave of grief.

I pray that you would begin to resurrect their hearts from this dark place. Please let them see the light of your love and your grace over their lives. Please give them hope that there is life after death. Please lead them to forgive and experience forgiveness, breaking the chains that are keeping them captive. Yes, we grieve but we do not grieve without hope. 

Easter is here with power for everyday life and for eternal life.

Thank you for hearing our cry. Thank you that you are able to restore our souls. Thank you that we do not need to stay wrapped up in the grave clothes of despair. Please set free all the widows who have been left alone. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.