A Prayer for the fatherless on Father’s Day

Dear Lord,

Father’s Day is a tender time for children who do not have a dad because of death, divorce, or desertion. You created families to include both a mother and a father, so for whatever reason dad is absent, the loss is felt deeply. Please comfort them as only you can.

Thank you for the promise that You are a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). I pray that they will embrace the truth of this promise and look to You as Father. I pray that they will be intentional in looking for your faithfulness in their lives. You have not left them alone. Please make your presence known in the lives of children who live with the physical absence of a dad. 

Raise up mentors to step in and fill this void. Protect these children from shame. Bind up their broken hearts and restore their souls. 

Give strength, wisdom, and discernment to the moms raising these boys and girls. Shepherd her as she leads her children in the way that they should go. I pray that you will use the suffering that comes from losing a father for your glory. 

Thank you for hearing our cry and answering this prayer. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.