A Prayer for One Impacted by Trauma

woman at lake praying


I thank You that we can trust You, for You are trustworthy. You are a big God, and You are mysterious. Lord, sometimes that is a beautiful thing, and sometimes, as Job says, it’s too difficult, too wonderful for us to take in. Lord, there is no way with our finite minds we would ever be able to comprehend the loss upon loss many have experienced. Many have suffered pain and horrific circumstances that are unimaginable. Thank you that you use what was meant for evil for good and will restore their souls. 

Many have undoubtedly experienced trauma, betrayal, and rejection beyond comprehension. I pray that You would wash their minds, bodies, and souls with the blood of Jesus and begin to do what only You can do: a work of complete soul restoration. Use the hard parts of their story and the difficult situations for Your glory in the same way You used trauma and suffering for many who have gone before, bringing them to experience a deeper relationship with You.

Lord, for anyone struggling with forgiving their offender, I pray that You would do what only You can do by forgiving through them. Thank You for the ultimate price You paid on the cross to forgive us for our sins. Please heal these hurting ones and release them from a stronghold of bitterness. Lord, set them free, cut off ungodly soul ties, and deliver them from the future schemes of the enemy. 

I pray a blessing over each one. May they sense Your presence. Fill them with hope for their future. Thank You for the promise that You work all things together for good for those who love You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.