6 Prayers for the Family and Friends of the Widow

The inner circle of family and friends surrounding a widow are her key people during the crisis of losing her husband. This important group includes parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, work associates, the body of Christ, and others God pulls together for support.

Jumping in and carrying her through some of the darkest days, this group is truly invaluable. That is why it is important to pray for them as they are her “Aaron and Hur,” holding her up when life is falling apart (Exodus 17).


Dear Lord, his parents have lost their son. The intensity of grief over losing a child is unimaginable. They will carry the pain of this loss from this point on. Please bring to their sides those who can comfort as comforted. Hold them close and protect them as they grieve along with their daughter-in-law, his wife. Her parents are parents forever. They will feel the weight of seeing their child hurt knowing there is no way to fix it. Please give her parents wisdom to know how to listen ad come alongside yet allow God to bring the ultimate healing. Amen.


Dear Lordyou have given grandparents an important role in life—to tell stories of your faithfulness to the next generation. During this time, let them rise up to share, serve, and testify that you will be there during their suffering. May they use their extra time in this season of their lives to pray, mentor, and invest in their grandchildren in ways they did not anticipate. Amen.


Dear Lord, grief is experienced in different ways. Grant to her siblings the ability to show compassion during a very difficult time. May the widow’s brothers and sisters know when to speak and when to be silent. No doubt, they are hurting as well. Bring the family together at this time. Protect them from being easily offended or misunderstood. Amen.


Dear Lord, there are times you choose a specific friend to walk alongside of the widow. This person will stick closer than a brother. She will be her confidant, listening ear, decision maker, and safe place. Give this special friend wisdom, discernment, and time to walk with her through the valley. Amen.

Acquaintances and Work Associates

Dear Lord, family and friends grieve along with the widow feeling the pain of loss as well. They want to help but feel helpless because of their own sorrow. Send others to meet the needs that her family and friends do not have the emotional strength to meet in the early days. She will need a team of support to help with practical needs. Send workers to serve this precious widow and her family. Use work associates and people outside of her inner circle to bridge the gaps. Amen.

Body of Christ

Lord, we are so thankful for your active body that is not contained inside of a building. You gifted each one in a unique way to fulfill a role that no one else can. Raise up an active body to support this widow and her family. She will need people gifted in organization, those who specialize in comfort and empathy, and servants who will get the job done. We know that you will glorify yourself through your people in beautiful ways. Please pour out your spirit through these precious people to make a difference in the lives of the widow and fatherless. Amen.