31 Prayers for the Fatherless

31 Prayers for the FatherlessPraying for the fatherless is a great and powerful gift! Below are simple, scripture-based prayers for each day of the month!

Lord, I lift up the children who do not have an earthly dad because of death, divorce, or desertion. Whenever they feel afraid, may it comfort them to know that You watch over the fatherless children. May they stand on Your promises, confident that You are there in the midst of their pain. Thank You for Your Presence on difficult days. May these children live with hope, knowing that You are there.

My prayer according to Your Word is …

Day 1: May they know that You promise to be a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). May they find their identity in Christ and not their crisis. May they not live or walk in shame (Psalm 34:5).

Day 2: May they know Jesus Christ not only as Father but as their Savior early in life. May they desire a close relationship with You despite the loss of Dad. May they follow You in their childhood, teen, and adult years of life (Mark 10:14-15, Luke 2:52, 2 Timothy 3:15).

Day 3: May they know You as their strong Redeemer, Deliverer, and Judge pleading their case (Proverbs 23:10, Psalm 82:3, Deuteronomy 10:18 and 27:19).

Day 4: May they know that You hear their cry (Psalm 10:17-18, Exodus 22:22-23).

Day 5: May they know You are their stronghold in times of trouble (Psalm 9:9).

Day 6: May they know You will uphold them and turn their lives right side up (Psalm 146:9).

Day 7: Lord, please protect them against temptation. Without a dad, it is easy to fill that void with unhealthy people or substances that will not satisfy.

Day 8: May they rely on Your help because You are the Helper of the fatherless (Psalm 10:14).

Day 9: May they trust in Your promise to rescue and assist the fatherless (Job 29:12).

Day 10: May they know you are an abundant provider (Psalm 84:11).

Day 11: May they have an extra measure of wisdom, understanding, and discernment and may understanding be considered their intimate friend (Proverbs 7:4).

Day 12: May they look to you for help by spending time in prayer and in your Word (Joshua 1:8).

Day 13: May they have mentors in their lives—men and women who will listen, instruct, pray, provide accountability, and guide them in the way they should go when they need a physical person in their lives.

Day 14: May they not look to Satan, the father of lies. May deceit be far from their mouth (John 8:44, Psalm 34:13).

Day 15: May they find compassion from You in their pain (Hosea 14:3).

Day 16: May they learn from You (Isaiah 54:13)

Day 17: May they set their mind on You and experience Your perfect peace (Isiah 26:3).

Day 18: May they know You are good, loving, kind, compassionate, and faithful (Lamentations 3:22-23).

Day 19: May they experience your mercy and comfort which allows them to have compassion on others and bring comfort as they have been comforted (2 Corinthians 1:3-5).

Day 20: May they know you are with them (Isaiah 43:2, Psalm 23:4).

Day 21: May they know You care, even their hidden tears are seen by You—You promise to bring joy in their morning (Psalm 30:5).

Day 22: May they know You will return and they have not been forsaken (John 14:18, Deuteronomy 31:8).

Day 23: May they find healing in You (Psalm 147:3).

Day 24: May they trust in Your promise of soul restoration (Psalm 23:3, Proverbs 6:30-31).

Day 25: May they know things won’t always be this dark and hard (2 Corinthians 4:15-17).

Day 26: May they be encouraged not to lose heart or hope (Psalm 27:13).

Day 27: May they know that there is life after death, that You will be faithful to them, and give them a testimony to share with others (Psalm 118:17, Jeremiah 49:11).

Day 28: May they trust the promise that You are working everything together for their good; please give them Your eternal perspective (Romans 8:28-29, 2 Corinthians 4:15).

Day 29: May the boys and young men direct their focus to You as Father, who will satisfy their deepest longing and hunger.

Day 30: May the girls and young women who do not have a dad as defender and protector put their trust in You who will satisfy their deepest needs.

Day 31: The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but You came to bring abundant life, help them to live in this daily (John 10:10).