Thoughtful Gifts to Remember Her Throughout the Year


  • Fill her freezer or pantry with comfort foods (find out her favorites)
  • Winter Survival Kit:
    • Vitamin C
    • Cough Drops
    • Kleenex
    • Honey
    • Epsom Salts
    • Chapstick
    • Flavored Teas and Hot Chocolate
  • Snow Day Survival Basket:
    • Windshield scraper
    • Candles
    • Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate
    • Socks and gloves
    • Warm blanket


  • Valentine’s Day:
    • Hand soap and bath stuff
    • Book: Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge
    • Manicure/Pedicure
    • Massage
    • Foot cream/hand cream (my kids loved to give me a massage and rub my feet. Many nights I would announce foot rubs for my children – it was a special time)
  • Chocolates
  • Blanket
  • Notes with Bible verses of encouragement (Psalm 91)


  • Flowers (we love
  • Plant a tree or a flower garden in her yard (gardening is great therapy)
  • Landscaping


  • Wind chimes with the message, “I will never leave or forsake you.”
  • Bird feeder with the message, “His eye is on the sparrow, I know He watches me.”
  • Home Services: Air conditioner tune up, change the filters, maybe even leave a few extra filters for the months ahead
  • Give your time for Spring Cleaning to
  • April showers bring May flowers Basket:
    • Rain boots
    • Umbrella
    • Watering can
    • Seed packets
    • Garden gloves
    • Magazines


  • Mother’s Day Basket:
    • Gift certificate to a store where she can buy something for herself
    • Gift cards for a manicure, pedicure, or massage
    • Ice cream and/or restaurant gift cards for a fun outing with her kids
    • Notes of appreciation, affirming a job well done
  • Spring Cleaning
    • Pressure wash her home
    • Clean her gutters
    • Organize a closet
    • Paint a room


  • Father’s Day ideas: Re-direct the focus onto their new Father’s Day—the day God became Father.
    • Loving on her children is a gift to her:
      • Help pay for summer camps
      • Butterfly gardens for kids, reminding them that life comes after death
      • Day passes – Theme park/Aquarium/Movies
  • Home Services:
    • Trim her bushes
    • Spread fresh pine straw
    • Provide consistent lawn care through the warmer months


  • Consider giving her the keys to your beach or mountain home (trips away can be very healing for the grieving heart)
  • Tropical Basket:
    • Smoothie ingredients or gift cards
    • Summer sandals
    • Beach towel
    • Fresh fruit
    • Gift cards
    • Provide a beach trip or weekend away
  • Car Services:
    • Car wash
    • Oil change
    • Routine maintenance


  • Adopt a Fatherless Child:
    • provide money for back to school shopping for the widowed mom and her children
    • celebrate the senior year with a fatherless grad
  • Movie theater tickets
  • Deliver a house plant
  • Take a fall day trip with them


  • Adopt a Widow:
    • Care by a couple is always nice – the wife can keep in touch with the widow listening for any needs she may have while her husband can offer his handy-man skills around the house and yard.
    • Ask her for a list of repairs/needs that you could assist with
  • Help her plan the holidays out (changing traditions may bring tender emotions, be intentional about helping her think through potentially difficult weeks and days)


  • Cozy Basket:
    • Winter gloves, scarf, warm socks, a new blanket (something to snuggle up to on the chilly nights)
    • Candles (these always have a way of making the holidays warmer and brighter, especially on the cold and dreary nights)
    • Desserts and treats
  • Home Services:
    • Change filters,
    • Provide maintenance to her heating system
    • Supply firewood.
    • Check her fire detectors and alarms and replace any batteries
  • Lawn Services:
    •  Prune bushes
    • Rake leaves
    • Add a new layer of mulch or pine straw
    • Plant pansies
  • Fill her pantry with love:
    • tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are always a safe bet. Stock her freezer with casseroles and soups


  • Consider including them in your Thanksgiving Feast or bring them a meal
  • Thankful Basket:
    • Gift baskets are very nice – a friend always sent me a basket from Wolfman’s filled with jelly, English muffins, breads – I looked forward to Thanksgiving just for this act of love.
  • Home Services (see October, as well):
    • Trim tree limbs that could be hazardous in a storm
    • Provide flashlights and candles in case of power outages
    • Change lightbulbs inside and out
  • Christmas Shopping: set up a time to help her Christmas shop, run errands, or babysit so she can prepare for the holidays.


  • Invite her to go with you or provide tickets to something to look forward to:
  • Christmas event or play
  • Take her out to lunch
  • Extend an invitation to include her in a family outing or activity
  • Pamper her with a manicure or day at the salon
  • Help decorate for Christmas (set up the tree or install outside lights)
  • Shop for her and with her
  • Take her children shopping, help them pick out a gift for mom





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